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* Feeling up to it (Adjective)

Meaning: Ready for or able to do something
"It is a very steep mountain; are you sure you´re up to the hike?
By TOEFL Idioms

* To Get on with

Meaning: To Continue

"We need to stop wasting time and get on with studying for the exam

By TOEFL Idioms.

* To Carry Out

Meaning: To Obey, to put into action

For Example: He carried out your instructions perfectly

By TOEFL Idioms. Jun 6/12

* To think up

Meaning: To invent, to make up

For Example: Our math teacher is always thinking up new ways to make sure we do our homework

By TOEFL Idioms. May 25/12

* To keep from doing something

Meaning: To stop oneself from doing something;to refrain from or avoid

For Example: When they saw her new haircut, she could hardly keep from laughing.

By TOEFL Idioms. May 18/12

* To back someone into a corner

Meaning: to put someone into a position where there is no way out

For Example: they backed her into a corner by asking her a double edged question in front of her parents.

By TOEFL Idioms.

* to look after

Meaning: to take care of

For Example: she looks after her little brother.

By TOEFL Idioms.

* to look up

Meaning: to seek information about (something) in a reference work

For example: I looked up the works I didn't know in a dictionary

By TOEFL Idioms.

* call for

Meaning: If a person or an organisation calls for something, they state in public that it's needed, or should be done.
Synonym: demand

For example: Community leaders are calling for an enquiry into police corruption.

By Mark Klopper English Outsourcing Cel 3013853093

* call off

Meaning: to cancel an event that was planned or scheduled
Synonym: cancel

For example: We called off the meeting because Helen wasn't well enough to come.

By Mark Klopper English Outsourcing Cel 3013853093

* Account for

Meaning: If you account for something, you explain how it came to be the way it is.
Synonym: Explain

For example:

  • We accounted for last year's higher production costs by showing how the price of labour and raw materials had increased.

By Mark Klopper English Outsourcing Cel 3013853093

*Arrive at

Meaning: To reach a result, a conclusion or a decision after considering relevant factors or details
Synonym: Reach for

For example:

  • They arrived at the cost of production by calculating raw material, transport, and manufacturing costs.

(phrasal verb) Dec 10 /2011
By Mark Klopper English Outsourcing Cel 3013853093

*To account for

Meaning: To explain, to be or provide an explanation for

For example: The police asked him to account for the missing money.
Nov 28 /2011
By TOEFL Idioms.

*To grow out of (something)

Meaning: To become too large for (something); to outgrow;2 to develop on the basis of (something)

For example:She gives her son's clothes to charity when he grows out of them.
Nov 15 /2011
By TOEFL Idioms.

*To back up (data)

Meaning: To make an electronic copy (of a computer file, etc.) as secundary in case the original is damaged or deleted

For example: The power outage wasn´t a problem
because we had already backed up the files on the computer.
Nov 15 /2011
By TOEFL Idioms.

*To look forward to (an event)

Meaning: To anticipate (something) with pleasure

For example:I'm looking forward to the concert next week
Nov 9 /2011
By TOEFL Idioms.

*To look into (a suspicious incident)

Meaning: To investigate; to seek information about

For example: we are looking into buying a camper for our summer trip.
(Idiom) Nov 9 /2011
By TOEFL Idioms.


*To know the ropes

Meaning: To understand how things are done in a particular place. To succeed in a new job, ask someone who really knows the ropes to train you.

For example: Hence to show someone the ropes means "to show someone how things are done"
(Idiom) Oct 31 /2011
By TOEFL Idioms.

*To give away (the ending)

Meaning: To reveal ( information that was supposed to be kept secret).

For example: The party was supposed to be a surprise, but my little sister gave it away !.
(Idiom) Oct 26 /2011
By TOEFL Idioms.

*To Carry On (doing something)

Meaning: To continue.

For example: The book was so interesting he carried on reading it after the end of study hall.
(Idiom ) Oct 26 /2011
By TOEFL Idioms.

*A bad hair day (informal)

Meaning: If you're having a bad hair day, everything seems to be going wrong for you.

For example: Poor Sue's in a terrible mood. I think she's having a bad hair day.

(Idiom) Oct 19 /2011
By Mark Klopper English Outsourcing Cel 3013853093

*(your) bread and butter

Meaning: Your bread and butter is your livelihood or the source of your income.

For example: Bartending is my bread and butter at the moment, but I'm trying to get into acting.

(Idiom) Oct 19 /2011
By Mark Klopper English Outsourcing Cel 3013853093

*Add fuel to the fire

Meaning: If you add fuel to the fire, you do something to make a bad situation even worse.

For example: People are already unhappy, and if the government allows oil prices to increase it'll just be adding fuel to the fire.

(Idiom) Oct 6 /2011
By Mark Klopper English Outsourcing Cel 3013853093

*Above board

Meaning: If something is above board, it's been done in a legal and honest way.

For example:  I'm sure the deal was completely above board as I know James well and he'd never do anything illegal or corrupt.
(Idiom) Oct 6 /2011

By Mark Klopper English Outsourcing Cell 3013853093

*A whale of a time-
Meaning: If you have a whale of a time, you have a great time and really enjoy yourself.

Example: I went to a karaoke club with my friends last night and we had a whale of a time. It was great!

(Idiom) Sep 30/2011

*Work your socks off  -work your tail off - 
Meaning: If you work your socks off, or work your tail off, you work very hard

Example: We had to get the job finished by Friday, so we worked our socks off to get it done on time.

(Idiom) Sep 30/2011

Thinking of  - Good at - Bad at - Spend money on - Spend time on - Belong to -  interested in -

"Estas son Palabras que van juntas".
(Collocations) Sep 19/2011

Take for Granted

To believe something is true without making sure.
(Phrasal Verb) Sep 8 /2011

To be up to something

Hacer algo o cometer algun error y esconderlo . Ex: Are you up to something?
(Idiom) Aug 30/2011

Go off on one

"It is not commonly used in America, Canada or Australia.
This means someone is very angry and probably has lost control of their behaviour in public.
(Idiom) Aug 15/2011




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