Cristian, Cape Town


Dear Amanda

Thank U for writing, my experience in cape town it´s was amazing, you can make friends very easy, alla people its friendly. In the beginning was hard, but I start to to felt confident in yourself. The school has all the necessary to you can learning step by step, excellent teachers one each of them have different personality, they make the class are dynamic and funny, however I must to practise the work done in class each day. Once in a while I go to the trips with the school but its expensive.

Now I´m living in Bo-Kaap in a resident student that i found in a website, his name is Gumtree, is big and beautiful, it's near to long street a famous street where you can found nightclubs, pub, restaurants and backpages. About Cape Town, it´so exotic beautiful, all its nature, animals historic, gardens and of course, delicious food. All its near, and have all the necessary to be happy jaja. I must to be careful with my things because its a little dangerous ,of course Im talking if you go out alone at 4 am after to drink some drinks, and the most important reason, Cape town is the same cost of live as Colombia, except the taxis, you have to use Uber.

About me I´m in Intermediate, I hope finish in Upper Intermediate is like a B2. regarding my visa i have not extended yet, because I don´t know why I couldn't pay with my credit card. I going to try again in this week.
A big hug to everybody, Jessica, Monica, Amanda. I going to gift souvenirs when I return to Colombia. And of course you can use my experience to your web site.
Sorry If I wrote bad, but you know why jajajaja. Thank U  



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